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We Are The Cramily


| A collective of passionate makers of handmade foods & goods trading under one roof | 

The story begins around 1855, Finnieston House was established to serve people of the Finnieston Cross area.



Speciality Coffee | Artisanal Handmade Cakes |Fresh Bread | Vegan Meals | Inspiring Snacks

For curious locals & commuters, The Cran’ is a destination to discover an atmosphere of local artisan flavours with healthy treats and a small area for sitting in. We are a tight collective of talented makers.

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We are a small and specialised group of talented food & drink artisans.
Find out more about The Cramily and our own unique talents.


Rotational Pop Up Retail Space | Rotational Showcase Art Gallery | Event Space for Makers |

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Focused on Reducing Waste | Recycling Responsibly | Sustainable Sourcing

We are committed to reducing our waste as a small business.

We use only compostable packaging for all of our fresh take away products and are working with our suppliers to help them reduce packaging too.